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How to use an e-gift card?

After you have purchased the gift card you or your friends/family (you/they) will receive an email with a “gift card code”. When that person wants to activate and use their gift card they will need to sign in (or make an account with the email connected with the gift card. They should not purchase a plan). Once the account has been made (important: without the purchase of a subscription!) please email info@projectedproductions the following:


  • Name of person with the gift card 

  • The email address connected to the e-gift card

  • Gift card code


Once we have received these details we will activate the account and the person will be able to watch all the content on our all access pass. Please give up to 24hours for the account to be activated due to world time zone differences. We are a small company based in one time zone. 

Once the account has been activated the recipient will receive an email letting them know they can now watch the All Access Pass.



  • If the person receiving the e gift card already has a paid subscription we can add the extension once their old subscription has expired. 

  • If the gift card is purchased in a discount coupon period please put the discount coupon code in the message text and have the recipient email the coupon code for reference. 

All Access Pass eGift Card


Gift your friends or loved ones the experience of learning how to ski better. It's simple! Choose one of the pricing plans below:
$25 = 1 month pass
$70 = 4 month pass
$120 = 12 month pass

Other amount
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