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How much is a subscription and what is included?

We have three different subscription options depending on the length of time you wish to subscribe for. The options and their inclusions are listed below:

1 MONTH = USD$24.99

4 MONTHS = USD$69.99

12 MONTHS = USD$119.99

We recommend the 12 month option as it offers the best value at USD$9.99 per month.


How do I subscribe?

Subscribing is simple and can be done on the Video Library page. Firstly, you will need to create an account. This requires an email address and the creation of a safe password. Once you have an account you can purchase a payment option that is best suited to you. We recommend the 12 month option as it is the best value for money at USD$9.99 per month. Purchasing a subscription will require a valid credit or debit card. 

I have paid for my subscription but cannot access the videos?

To view the videos you must be logged into your account. Occasionally some browsers automatically log users out. This will make it seem as though you have lost access. If this happens, please log in using the login option at the top left of the screen. 


How do I cancel my subscription?

Cancellation of your subscription is free and can be done at any time. However it is important to note that a subscription requires a one time, non recurring payment that is charged at the time of purchase. Once a plan is purchased, payment is final and cancelling your subscription will NOT attract any form of refund. To cancel your subscription, visit "My Subscriptions" from your account menu at the top right hand side of the screen. Select the subscription you wish to cancel and then click "Cancel Subscription". Once you cancel your subscription you will not be able to enter into watch videos on the all access pass. 

How do I pay?

A credit or debit card is required to make payment. Your credit card will be charged once only, at the time you purchase the plan. Cancellation of your subscription is free and can be done at any time. Please note that once a plan is purchased, payment is final and cancelling your plan will not attract any form of refund.

Can I subscribe for just 1 month?

Yes! There are different lengths of subscription: 1 month, 4 months and 12 months. The longer the period the cheaper the monthly cost will be. As such, the 12 month option is our most popular as it provides the best value.


Can I purchase a single video such as LEGACY or one of the new titles?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. To watch any of the videos, you must purchase one of the ALL ACCESS VIDEOS PASS options.

However, the good news is that you can subscribe for as little as one month, and all passes provide unlimited access to the entire video library for the duration of the subscription!


Can I download the videos?

You can instantly stream any of the videos at any time from the Projected Productions website using your smart phone or computer providing that you have a valid ALL ACCESS VIDEO PASS. Unfortunately, the videos are not available for download.


How do I log in?

You can log in by clicking on the words "Log In" at the top right of the screen next to your profile on a computer, or from the menu drop down on the top right of a smart phone.

It seems that my credit card has been charged incorrectly?

It is important to remember that Video Subscriptions and the items found in the Projected shop are listed (and charged) in US Dollars.  The amount listed on your card statement will be listed in your currency. As such, the amount charged in your currency may appear different to the amount listed on the website in USD. If you convert the amount listed on your statement to USD, then it should be the amount advertised on the website.


If you still believe that there is a discrepancy, then please contact us at


How often will new videos be added to the ALL ACCESS VIDEO PASS?

New content will be released on the 10th and 20th of each month throughout the Northern winter. For news and information on upcoming video releases, please follow Projected Productions on Instagram (@projectedproductions) and Facebook (


How many people can access the videos with one subscription?

The videos can only be accessed by the individual subscriber that owns the email address with which the subscription was created. If you are an organisation or snowsports school that would like group access then please contact Projected via email ( to discuss options. 


We are a Snowsports School or Training Organisation and would like bulk access for a large group. Is this possible?

Yes this is possible. If you are an organisation or snowsports school that would like group access then please contact Projected via email ( to discuss the options available.


Will my card incur recurring payments when I purchase a plan?

No, the payment plans are one time payments that provide unlimited access for the specific period of time. When your access ends, you will need to manually choose a new payment plan and resubscribe. 


How do I check to see when my subscription ends?

Checking your subscription period is simple. Click on the down arrow next to your profile at the the top right of your screen and select "My Subscriptions". This will bring up a list of all current and past subscriptions, whether they are active or not, and the expiry date. You can also cancel any subscription from this area of your account. 


Will I get an email to advise that my subscription is ending?

Yes, you will receive an automated email several days before your subscription expires advising you of your subscription's end date. If you wish to continue watching the videos after your subscription expires then you will need to manually purchase a new subscription. 


Please note that your subscription will NOT automatically renew when it expires.

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