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The PROJECTED/PLAY Technical Pole is an adjustable pole providing uncompromising flexibility and performance all over the mountain. The 100% carbon upper shaft offers an incredibly light weight feel with the aluminium lower shaft providing rigidity and strength where it's needed. The new and improved PLAY Twist-Lock 2.0 adjustment system is sleek and user friendly. It's minimalist design does not disrupt the lines of the pole nor the aerodynamics during the swing. The contoured grip offers ongoing comfort and maneuverability. PLAY's aluminium ice breaker tip means that you'll have traction and stability with each pole plant. The screw in basket is easily interchangeable with the PLAY touring basket (sold seperately).


Min. marked length: 95cm

Max. length: 125cm

Collapses to: 73cm

Weight: 217g (individual pole)

Upper section: 100% carbon, 16mm tube,

Lower section: 7075 Aluminium, 14mm tube

Grip: Plastic grip with contoured rubber inserts

Loop: adjustable loop 

Adjustment system: Twist-Lock 2.0 adjustment sytem

Tip: Aluminuim ice breaker tip

Basket: screw on basket for easy interchange (comes with Technical basket)

PROJECTED Technical Pole

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